A little more about me

I am an intuitive and compassionate Professional Life Coach who thinks deeply about the modern human experience and the challenges it can bring.

From an early age, I have been curious about the subject of human behaviour and what makes people tick. My interest in coaching initially came from the enjoyment of working on myself.

I enjoy learning about improving my physical and mental fitness, introducing good habits, identifying what motivates me, and how to challenge and overcome the limiting beliefs that get in my way.

My Experiences

For the last ten years I have worked in various IT Service Management roles, however more recently I have been working in a leadership role for a client based in the United States. These experiences have allowed me to develop skills in areas such as communication, critical-thinking, goal setting, continuous improvement and managing change. I believe these skills set the foundation in my journey to become an effective Life Coach. When I’m not working, you can usually find me outdoors going for walks, watching or playing Sports, pottering about a gym or socializing with friends.

How Can I Help You?

What I’ve learned from coaching so far is that opinions on achievement and success are very subjective. Through social media and comparison, it is easy to fall into the trap that you are not enough. I could tell my story to a room full of people and half the room could be of the opinion I am successful, and the other half could decide I haven’t met my potential. Expectations and goals are often forced upon us by society, family and friends which often leave us feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled. I want to support you on your journey through identifying and focusing on the areas of life that matter most to you. I will leave you with this lovely quote from Ariana Dunne, who was my lecturer at Mindstream where I obtained my diploma.

“Don’t aim for world domination, aim to dominate your own little world…”
– Ariana Dunne